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Painting and canvas care recommendations from debArt


No, not a discussion page on capital punishment!  But just some simple advise on displaying your debArt painting.

Having purchased your painting you will want to display it in the best possible way. Nothing looks worse than a crooked picture and nothing is more frustrating than trying to straighten a picture that keeps swinging off square. Below are a couple of suggestions how this can be avoided. The first method is most suited to the homes where security is not an issue. The second is better suited to locations where security is a problem and you require a more permanent, theft resistant mounting. There are many other types of hanging devices available at most hardware stores, but it is strongly recommended that you avoid the 'stick on' types. These are never long lived and it's possible in time your painting may be displayed on the floor with subsequent damage!

Method 1 (hidden, but insecure) ...

Determine the position for the top of the painting and measure down 35 mm. This will be the height for the fixing screws. Along this line determine the centre line of the painting. Measure the width of you painting, deduct 160 mm and divide this by half. Use this dimension either side of the centre line to mark the screw holes. Check that your horizontal line is level using a sprit level. Drill the two holes (watch out for pipes & cables in the wall), fit fixing plugs and insert screws so that the heads protrude by 25 mm. Nails could be used in place of screws, but the latter will give a far superior fixing. Simply hook your painting over both screws ... job done!



Method 2 (visible, but secure) ...


A simple but effective method. You will need to purchase four fixings called 'mirror plates' as shown below. Mirror plates are available from any hardware store or DIY outlet. These should be fixed at the centre of each stretcher bar. Ensure that the single fixing hole is clear of the side of the painting to avoid damage when finally fixing to the wall. Use countersunk head wood screws, no longer than 15 mm. The frames of my canvases are made from quality hard wood, but to prevent splitting the stretcher, be sure to drill small pilot holes for the screws. Position your painting on the wall and check it's level with a sprit level. Mark through the holes in the mirror plates, (you might need an assistant at his stage). Lift the painting down, drill and plug the holes (watch out for pipes & cables in the wall) and then screw your painting in place.  You can use "mirror" screws for a better finish.  These have a domed caps which screw into and cover the heads of the screws ... stand back and admire!




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