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Affordable, original, hand painted pop art for sale

::debArt:: Unusual, cheap paintings for sale. 

Black and white pop art.  Portraits of celebrities. Pop art Commissions.  Unusual birthday presents and gifts.


debArt excels in offering quality, value for money, hand painted pop art paintings for sale. Very specific styles are employed to complement contemporary decor of homes, offices, clubs and restaurants.

Each original pop art painting offered for sale is individually hand painted on quality, multi-primed, pure cotton canvas, stretched over a hardwood frame with tensioning pegs in each corner. Only the best available paints are used which will retain their stylish subtleties for years to come. Canvases are stretched over 35mm deep fames and have unblemished edges which are included as part of the painting. This format allows immediate hanging without requiring frames.

 ::debArt:: Unusual paintings for homes and offices. 

Black and white pop art paintings for sale.  Black and white celebrities portraits as gifts. Pop art for sale.  Surprising birthday presents.  


Limited edition's of selected paintings are sometimes offered as gicleé prints on semi matt 200gsm paper of archive quality and life expectancy.

All artwork is individually signed and dated on the reverse by the artist. Limited editions are clearly numbered against the print run.


Each pop art painting offered for sale is accompanied by a certificate of authenticity.

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A little on pop art history

 Pop art originated in the UK during the 1950s and later migrated across the Atlantic to the USA in the 1960s. The term pop art was first coined in 1956 by British critic Laurence Alloway. But the name for this new movement didn't catch on until well into the 1960s when pop art quickly became a widely recognised name. In the early days the movement was known as Neo-dada, a name which reveals some of the thinking behind this type of art. There is a strong influence of Dada in pop art. This art form can be considered as a rejection of abstract expressionism and its aims were to return to figurative art incorporating themes and techniques from mass culture. Pop artists focused on familiar images from the consumer society and tried to poke fun at mass production, magazine adverts, supermarket products and brand name packaging often by employing comic strip style.
Although Andy Warhol was not the first artist to borrow from advertising for art, he remains the best known practitioner. With paintings like "200 Campbell's Soup Cans" (1962) and "Marilyn Monroe Diptych" (1962), Warhol tried to elevate mechanical reproduction to Fine Art status, enraging many critics as buyers eagerly bought up his work.

Roy Lichtenstein used the comic strips of his youth to inspire his garishly bright art depicting action and drama. Lichtenstein's work emulated the style of cheap newsprint by employing enlarged printer's dots and blocks of bright spot colour.
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